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Camilo Carneiro

A multi disciplined Electrical Engineer from Portugal, Oporto based, focusing all his efforts on creating useful solutions in hardware and software.

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Some stuff he do

Development of solutions in Hardware, Software, Firmware, single or combined!

Digital Electronics

Digital Electronics

Development, involving the study of digital signals and the engineering of devices that use or produce them.

Digital Electronics

Analog Electronics

Development of analog electronics, involving the study of continuously variable signal.


PCB design

Development, design, industrialization, making electronic circuits to life in the physical form.

Data Bases

Data Bases

Development, administration, performance, integrity, relationships, stored procedures, functions ...


Web development

Development of embedded systems interfaces, storing, processing, consulting and managing data.

Coffee machines

Coffee machines

Development and industrialization of espresso coffee machines for domestic and professional use.


development and implementation of electronic prototypes. Quality control and certification tools!

Here’s some stuff he made recently

Some of the solutions listed are the combination of several technologies and considerable technical advances!


Current position at Oceanscan-mst, hardware department. Light Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.


Monitor of energy and energy quality. Records in real time. Analysis of effective costs!

Enterprise resource planning, management of a supply chain, processing and distribution of goods!


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